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Description of Audition Process

Applicants will be given the expectations and procedures for a professional dance class environment and be expected to implement and apply the given expectations as a part of the audition process.

Dance applicants will participate in a movement experience to determine the students’ potential for success in a Dance program. Students will be evaluated on their ability to perform given movements, create movement, and demonstrate the aptitude necessary for success in a rigorous Dance program. Candidates for dance will demonstrate their interest, ability, and talent at the audition through the following activities:

Movement Experience

Applicants will be evaluated for their ability to perform movement sequences as demonstrated by the instructor both in the center floor as a larger group and traveling across the floor in smaller groups. Applicants will also be evaluated on their ability to apply corrections/feedback when given by the instructor. Movement sequences will have one or more of the following concentrations:

  • Coordination of upper/lower body
  • Rotation/mobility of the hip
  • Use of weight, plié, and gravity
  • Alignment and mobility of the spine
  • Head-tail connection in floorwork
  • Ability to propel the center of gravity through space
  • Ability to transfer weight
  • Ability to demonstrate balance/control
  • Ability to elevate/jump
  • Line/extension/range of motion
  • Musicality and rhythmic organization
  • Performance quality/artistic expression
  • Ability to sequence movement through a given combination


Applicants will be given a list of adjectives and action words to use in constructing a composition they create on their own and in constructing a composition that is structured in collaboration with others. Each applicant will be judged on his/her ability to answer the task, to demonstrate creative potential, and to project during the performance.

Structured Response

Applicants will be given a one-on-one opportunity to verbally articulate their interest in the dance program. They will be evaluated on their expression of interest.

Dance Audition Evaluation Components

  Evaluation Component   Point Values
  Movement Experience   60 pts
  Composition    25 pts
  Structured Response   15 pts
  TOTAL   100 pts