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2022-2023 HERD Time Activities

HERD (Hour of Education, Responsibility and Dedication) is the one hour lunch program at McDonough High School. Use the schedules below and planning guides to help you plan!

How does HERD Time Work? 

•At 10:45 AM, a bell rings to start HERD. The bell to end HERD rings at 11:45 AM. Sixth period starts at 11:50 AM sharp – being late to sixth period may result in lunch detention or possibly LOSING HERD ALL TOGETHER!

•Midway through HERD Time, a bell will sound. That means the 2nd –half of HERD Time is starting.

•Choose your own activities for the hour-

     - Find a place to eat (cafeteria or classroom)

     - Have a “working lunch” with a teacher

     - Go to a club for 30-minutes and then go see a


Monday "A" Lunch Activities

Monday A Lunch Heard Activities

Monday "B" Lunch Activities

View all the Monday B Lunch Offerings

Tuesday "A" Lunch Activities

See all of the Tuesday %22A%22 Lunch Activities

Tuesday "B" Lunch Activities

Check out all the Tuesday B Lunch Activities

Wednesday "A" Lunch Activities

View all of the Wednesday %22A%22 Lunch Activates Here

Wednesday "B" Lunch Activates

View all of the Wednesday %22B%22 Lunch activities

Thursday "A" Lunch Activities

View of all the Thursday %22A%22 Lunch Activities

Thursday "B" Lunch Activities

Thursday B Lunch Activities

Friday "A" Lunch Activities

Friday %22A%22 Lunch Activities

Friday "B" Lunch Activities

Friday %22B%22 Lunch Activities

Student HERD Planning Sheet

Student Planning Sheet